Dadaism Is Weird, But The Art Is Beautiful

“Doom Dada”

Jumping straight into the conversation lets first define Dadaism. Dada or Dadaism is a 20th-century art movement that spurred from turmoil between people and countries. Artists such as Banksy and Lady Gaga are very prominent in the Dadaism scene.

Banksy is a U.K artist who anonymously paints throughout the streets of Britain. Law enforcement hasn’t been able to catch him because he has many people who work for him, but people cheer him on despite it.

A Banksy artwork on the walls in Europe depicts a man throwing a bouquet of flowers.

Throughout the years Dadaism has evolved. It’s not only portrayed as painted art but through videos and sculptures as well. Below I’ve listed two Korean music videos that fit Dadaism perfectly as well as descriptions of each.

T.O.P-Doom Dada
“So let’s start with the weirdest music video of the year which took various themes of concepts of plot and symbolism and the music video and then slapped them both in the face then told them to go to hell. It caused a lot of people to scratch their heads and say, “What?” But this video at first glance might look crazy but it is so painfully thought out. Doom Dada can be seen as a reference to Dada or Dadaism which is an avant-garde art movement that birthed postmodern art, abstract art, and surrealism. T.O.P uses surrealism and abstract art throughout the entire video. Including images from Kim Whanki and Salvador Dhali, while introducing pieces of artwork in the video, they also take a life of their own interacting with T.O.P in various ways.

T.O.P also alludes to a variety of critically important films that come from various countries, all of which have been very influential films such as ‘The Leopard’, ‘Dr. Strangelove’, ‘Brazil’, ‘2001 a Space Oddesy’, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary’, ‘The Blair Witch Project’, and even the zoetrope which would eventually birth motion pictures, to begin with. The common thread within the music video is T.O.P who seems to be time traveling through all these artistic time periods and eras, seeing himself evolve from ape to man and then back again, but always bringing music and rap with him while also leaving the evolutionary pack.

This could also allude to something simple like him being the head of a rap pack but in combination with his lyrics could also portray a deeper message. One which is urging people to return to music as an art form that can make an impact on the world rather than just for money.

In other words, T.O.P loves art, I love art, therefore T.O.P must love me… wait…”
~Taken from Simon & Martina with respect.

G-Dragon- Coup D’Etat

Now, this piece while being a little less out there than T.O.P’s music video also has a very interesting theme within Dada. G-Dragon presents the idea of contrast in his music video. This isn’t just along the lines of black and white either, but negative and positive, and red and white. He also dabbles a bit on the contrast of life and death when strapped to the electric chair.

Sources: Banksy, YG Entertainment, Simon and Martina


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