Pampered Pets Are Living Way Better Than You Are

A dog house fit for a king.

These pups live in nicer homes than my own.

When it comes to pets around the world, many families place their pets at a standard equal to their own children. Sometimes even better.

In a time and age where it’s impossible to afford anything the most logical thing to do is, of course, buy a pet. However, it’s not just enough to buy the pet, the pet then must become extremely spoiled.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about, take a look at this video of a Dachshund getting an extremely deep massage at what I’m assuming is a doggy salon.

Culturally speaking, pet owners have always wanted a pooch that looks good. It comes with the idea of status and well being and it’s not just dogs that are getting all the love, this image of a boy and his duck was taken in 1941 and shows him and his bird enjoying what looks to be a meal together.

If you thought that was outrageous, take a look at some of these dog houses.

For a measly whopping $380,000 this dog house could be all yours. It was designed by Andy Ramus and includes amenities like a dog daybed, a 52-inch plasma screen TV, and of course no dog house would be complete without a retna scan security system.

So the question now is if spoiling our pets is a good thing or a bad thing. When we hear the word spoiled automatically your mind jumps to the kid in the grocery store screaming their lungs out because they couldn’t get what they want.

According to Carol Bryant, a writer at blogpaws, spoiling our pets is actually a good thing,

From extra treats to longer car rides to a wrestling session or a tummy rub: These all qualify for spoiling our pets. And why not? Do what makes you happy and embrace your family members: of the human and non-human variety.
BlogPaws has dubbed February as “Spoil Your Pet” month.

Now of course spoiling comes with limits. Tummy rubs and lots of love are perfectly fine, but you must remain in charge of your pet. Like Cesar Milan says, “You are the alpha of the pet pack.”

When spoiling your pet it’s important to keep in mind that feeding your pet human food or putting them into situations which could be very uncomfortable for the pet moves from spoiling the pet to more of spoiling yourself. Not to mention many human foods can damage a pet’s body.

So find that line between good and bad and go out to love your animal today!


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