Sushiya No Nohachi Sets New Standards by Making Sushi on a Single Grain of Rice

sushiya-no-hachi-building (1)
Within a small building, comes even smaller sushi.

In Japan, sushi is a trademark food item served everywhere and with everything. The most common types include raw fish, caviar, or eel. It’s an easy meal which is usually served in bite-sized pieces which can be easily lifted with chopsticks.

However, what’s usually not seen or served is sushi served on a single grain of rice. Head chef and owner Ikeni Horinori has set a new record by creating Japan’s signature sushi dishes on a single grain of rice.

Chef Horinori not only has created his own special type of cooking but is recognized by the Guinness World Records for having the smallest sushi on the planet.

According to Travel Japan,

It is important to note that the itty-bitty sushi is free of charge but may only be served at request with orders that total 5,000 yen or above and is usually served for couples, children or foreigners.

A review posted to Travel Japan compliments the customer service heavily. While stating the food takes a bit to come out (due to it being made by hand), everything is up to par,

The restaurant is a family-owned business and everyone working there was so friendly and accommodating. Every time you go to the toilet, someone will be waiting for you outside to hand you a comforting warm hand towel – if that’s not hospitality, I don’t know what is.

Customers who decide to visit the small hole in the wall restaurant will also be happy to know that it’s about a five-minute walk from Tawaramachi station making it convenient for everyone to check out!

For those who want to visit this restaurant it can be found at:
Sushiya No Nohachi, Tokyo
Address: 1 Chome-3-7 Kaminarimon, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0034, Japan
Nearest Station: Tawaramachi

Source: hangovernowtv


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