Food Truck Culture In El Paso Is Bigger Than You Think

Crowds gather around the food truck circus in far east El Paso

Have you tried a bite from a food truck?

El Paso has been voted the happiest city in the U.S. but from my own thought it’s because of all the food choices the city has to offer.

According to Food Trucks In there are at least 30 food trucks located in El Paso. This gives El Pasoans plenty of options to choose from.

Not only do the trucks sell great food, but “Off the Grill” has a national championship under it’s belt. Adrian Padilla, the owner of Off the Grill, is shown talking about winning Mobile Cuisine’s 2014 Food Truck BBQ Of The Year.

Trucks range from BBQ which can be found at trucks such as Jonbalaya and Old School BBQ to Asian food such as Seoul Tasty and the Asian Pacific Food Co.LLC.

In the summer, trucks come together in what was formerly known as the Food Truck Circus. Though the name has since been extinguished trucks can still be found in small events around the city. Every Thursday at the Old Glory Memorial “Flag Pole” for example, food trucks from all around the city come and sell. Typically on a mild evening crowds swarm to these trucks.

Kaedama is a food truck turned restaurant. This was one of El Paso’s most popular food trucks. On average they’d sell out before the end of the night which spurred them to opening a restaurant on 204 Boston Ave.  They still have the truck though they haven’t been selling out of it for a while.

A glimpse at the Kaedama food truck serving up great Ramen

A post by the Kaedama Facebook page illustrates their sell out ability.

For those interested in checking out some of the food truck craze, most trucks and companies will post up location calendars on their websites. It’s important to make sure that the truck is certified. The city of El Paso has begun to crack down on trucks who do not meet qualifications to sell food, however, it’s not perfect. The biggest rule to remember is to trust but verify.

Credit: El Paso Times, Jonbalaya, Old School BBQ, Seoul Tasty, Asian Pacific Food Co.LLC, Kaedama, El Paso 411


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