UTEP students should become aware of harassment threats on campus

It’s important to become self aware at all times when on campus.

Harassment is one of those topics that many people don’t like to talk about. For some it brings unwanted memories and for others the topic is just plain uncomfortable. Unfortunately harassment comes in many forms and is something that students on any campus should be self aware of. Though UTEP in my opinion, is considered generally safe, there are reports of stalking and harassment coming from the university police department. Students have also shared their experiences during the fall semester of 2017 on how they experienced harassment.

Not only is harassment a story to follow, but just to respect fellow students. Whether you like them or not is one thing, but to maintain respect for each individual should be on everyone’s mind as adults as well. Below is a video of a man who preaches almost everyday on the UTEP campus. Next to him are a group of students who are reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ by Dr. Seuss. All semester there has been an on going battle between what the preachers says and students who find what he says to be annoying or rude:


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