University of Texas sports: How does UTEP salary compare to UTSA when it comes to head coaching?

The thought of being a head coach for a university is very appealing to many. If the perks alone aren’t what makes the job attractive then it’s most likely the salary that comes with the position.

Of course, with every position comes a different attribute associated with the contract. Apply for a head football coach at Alabama State and you’d be looking down the barrel of a number 1 ranking team and the challenges that face it. However, if you’re looking down the barrel of two University of Texas schools which respectively rank in their category, things might change up a bit.
According to research compiled on head coaches from both the University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) and the University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA), one could easily distinguish the differences that are offered to the coaches.
Looking at salary bases alone, UTSA generally pays out to a greater degree than UTEP does. For example, Sean Kugler, the former head coach of UTEP accumulated $280,000 per year plus incentives for any team championships that occurred during the year. Turn over to UTSA where head coach Frank Wilson started at $900,000 for his first-year coaching. What’s even more interesting is the progressive amount that it will rise should coach Wilson continue at the school. This was not only a trend in football but throughout almost every major sport offered at each campus except for UTEP’s women’s golf and men’s basketball.
The fascinating part about these salary differences is that each coach followed a very similar guideline when it comes to signing their contract. All head coaches (minus UTEP’s Jere Pelletier who coaches women’s golf) have access to a vehicle and the university sponsors or allows a camp for youths with pay added for these camps. On top of each camp, any championship that the coach brings in during the competitive season guarantees a perk. Each perk differs, but many coach will receive pay in terms of one month’s salary with the lowest bonus set at a $5,000 raise.
Perhaps these contracts differ so greatly based on geographical location, or maybe it comes from the different lengths that each contract offers its employees. It really swindles down to what the school offers and what the potential employee is looking for.


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