VoxPop and StandUp VoSot practice will make you efficient

To be a journalist is to Vsot and VoxPop

There are certain words and types of filming that journalist are expected to know. In my opinion the most important are VoxPop and Vsot.

VoxPop stands for Vox Pupuli, but in short it means that you’ll be gathering the opinions of people recorded talking informally in public places.

Now, A VOSOT can be called by many different names. Sometimes called a v.o. bite, v.o.b, vob, vobite or vobyte, it is a script read live by the news anchor. While the anchor reads, video is shown. The anchor will stop reading at a certain point so that an interview clip can be played. Usually, vosots are 30 seconds to 45 seconds in length.

The two videos below clearly show these two while also incorporating B-Roll (video that is used to visualize the script) SOT (an edited slice of speech from a newsmaker), and VO (playing a video of a TV news story while a news anchor or reporter reads a script live)


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