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The importance of photo composition: A guide to the perfect photo


Sometimes gathering the right photo can be tricky.
The sunlight is too bright, or maybe you can’t get the camera to focus on the correct object. However, with time and practice you too can become a photo master.

Most shots will follow a single format listed below. Other’s can incorporate many of these themes at once:

* Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds comes from a set frame within your camera. It’s usually split into 9 parts. The object of the rule of thirds to have the viewers eye focus on one thing and travel across. For example:

* Example of Framing
Framing is a fun technique where one object frames another. In the example shown here, we have a wall framing a building. It’s a natural frame and almost anything can be used. This includes, buildings, clouds, and plants!

* Unique angle of view (point of view)
The unique angel. I personally love this one. It literally puts the viewer into the spot of the photographer. Unique angels are usually taken from eye level or looking straight up as shown below.

* Draw viewer’s eyes through the image (line)
Line shots are also unique in that they create a path for the viewers eyes. Usually a line view or something very symmetric. The image below shows an example of line AND unique angle.

* Illustration of light
The last point of view is the illustration of light. Now I find this one incredibly tricky, because you’re literally at the mercy of light for this. This point of view showcases light, or what light can do. For example in the photo below there are street lamps illuminating a cobble street. Other ideas can be plays on shadows off of objects and faces.

Below are a few photos I’ve taken around the UTEP campus. I don’t exactly hit the mark on each of these topics, however, I feel if the photographer likes the picture then that’s all that matters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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