El Paso plans to bring bigger entertainment to boost city finances

El Paso Electric’s El Paso Broadway is part of the city plan to boost finances as part of the cities Quality of Life budget plan.

According to the city budget book for 2017 not only is Broadway on the lineup, but the plan proposes to finish all of its art related project early and underbudget.

Since 2014 the completion percentage has risen steadily with all 7 quality of life plans trending upward and the plan for the public art projects exceeding its targeted goal.

The lineup for a better quality of life according to the adopted budget book for 2017 includes but is not limited to the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, the El Paso Museum of Art, the El Paso Zoo, the Sun Bowl, and the Tigua Indian Cultural Center.

The 2017 Broadway plan as hosted by El Paso Electric plans to bring:

• ELF the musical in December
• Phantom of the Opera in May
• Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella in June
• The Lion King

Phantom of the Opera is almost completely sold out for all of its performance days.

The total proposed budget for the entertainment and arts district of El Paso is anticipated to be at $45,102,169.

This total will be split into 21 different areas of the city which means of that budget approximately $2,147,722 will be allotted to each need according to the proposed book for 2017
The division summary for the 2017 Performing arts center including other conventions and sales is listed at 15,213,686 in comparison to 14,360,706 in 2014 which is a difference of 853,353.

In November 2012, El Paso approved all 3 propositions included in the Quality of Life Bond. This bond was the largest at $473,250,000.

El Paso’s 2017 budget plan also plans to bring in a wider range of tourism as part of their boosting strategy.

The 2015 adopted budget for travel, employment, and local tax receipts generated by travel spending totaled up to 14,641.6 million dollars as compared to 13,849.2 million in 2012. That is a boost of 792.4 million in tourism.

The 2017 adopted budget book also makes mention of giving at least $200 per booth for tourism events. This includes booths, food, and other miscellaneous events.

Other events coming to the Sun City include the annual El Paso Comic Con, the Sun City Music Festival, Neon Desert Music Festival, Cirque du Soleil: OVO, Journey, and many more which can be found on

More information on El Paso fiscal budget can be found through the city website at


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