Downtown projects are becoming more of an headache than a welcoming matter

With many plans on their way in the downtown area, people are wondering if it’s more of a hassle than a blessing to the Sun City.

On Monday April 17 it was announced that the individuals living in the Duranguito neighborhood district had filed a law suit against city officials and said, “What the City plans to build is not what voters approved as part of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond.”

The real issue at hand is what was actually approved as part of the beautification of El Paso project.

The city listed on their website that the project updates include an Eastside Sports Complex, Citywide Spray Parks, the San Jacinto Plaza, and an Aquatics plan which are all underway.

However, it does not specifically mention an area arena in the downtown area as part of the $473-million-dollar project.

It is listed on the website that there would be a neighborhood improvement program to make minimal but necessary physical improvements in the neighborhoods.

Among other projects, the trolley project is still underway and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

While this project gained momentum in that it would bring back the cars used in the 1970’s, it has also affected many shops in the immediate construction area.

El Paso citizens know of the struggle of traveling around downtown with what seems like an infinite amount of constructions but some shop keepers are feeling the burn of losing customers due to the streets being closed.

George Salom, president of the Central Business Association said in an interview, “We know it’s coming.  The business owners and business community are obviously afraid because it’s one among many things that are going on right now.”

The $97-million-dollar project was then scammed out of $3.2 million dollars said city officials.  The money was sent to fraudulent bank accounts setting the project back for a short period.

A resident who did not want to be identified at the Artspace El Paso Lofts in downtown said, “I don’t mind the construction, but it is a problem when people start to use our small parking lot to go to the games. I’m worried that with the arena and other projects it will become worse.”

As of now there is no word on the moving forward of the lawsuit in the Duranguito, but it is suspected that the city should answer back within the next few days.


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