UTEP Police Identify Student Found Hanged in Front Of Library

UTEP​ police were called out to a scene Saturday evening after a body was reported to be hanging from a tree in front of the Library according to officials.

Hector Eloy Delgado Dominguez ​was a 23 year old student who’d just finished
attending the summer session at UTEP. The incident was located at 1900 Wiggins (UniversityLibrary) according to police reports.

Officer ​Espiridion Muniz​ was dispatched at approximately 5:15 p.m. Upon arrival he was briefed by another officer on the scene.

Muniz inspected Dominguez and said in his released report that the body was still warm. He immediately proceeded to cut Dominguez down.

According to his report that is when paramedics arrived on the scene and attempted to resuscitate Dominguez.
Daniel Salas​ was the medical examiner who responded to the scene went through

Dominguez’s pockets and found a small plastic bag with marijuana according to the report.

Found on Dominguez was a suicide note and a receipt from Lowe’s showing the purchase of a 3ft rope earlier the same day.

It was also found that Dominguez had contacted ​Nancy Cadena asking if he’d forgotten in Chihuahua.

The UTEP Police released a statement that said, “UTEP police dispatch received a phone call indicating that the body was hanging from a tree in front of the campus library.

UTEP PD and emergency crews immediately responded and found the victim was not alive. No foul play is suspected. No other details are available pending notification of next of kin and completion of the investigation.”

According to ​Aidee Dominguez​, mother of Hector in a report written out by officer ​Armando Fonseca​, he liked to, “going to the library to hang out, which might possibly explain why Hector chose the location.”

Aidee also said that his son had recently moved out of his apartment complex due to a break in and had moved in with two females.

The numbers for ​Daisy Vasquez​ and Nancy Cadena were provided. Upon contact Daisy told officers that Dominguez would often talk to her and said, “he could hear voices.”

She also told officers that Dominguez would often lock himself up in his previous residence for days to deal with his depression.

Aidee was asked about a phone call made by an ex-girlfriend stating that Dominguez had wanted to hurt himself. She’d brushed it off as an attempt for his ex to get back together with him.

Still being worried she called Daisy to check on Dominguez and found that Daisy also could not get in touch with him. It wasn’t until after his death the same day that she was able to find him.

The Office of the Medical Examiner in El Paso found no abnormalities and have
concluded that the findings were, “consistent with self-inflicted hanging.”
Colleges are pushing towards more suicide prevention methods.

If you need help or if you know someone that may need help please call the ​National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at 1-800-273-8255.


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