EPISD will implement bond money in 5 years

EPISD Seal w Text.jpg
According to Gus Reveles, PR for the El Paso ISD, the district now has plans to use the $668.7 million dollars from the November bond elections within the next five years.

Back in April 2013 a cheating scandal broke out in the EPISD school district and FBI agents came in to arrest superintendent Lorenzo Garcia as well as four other educators from various backgrounds.

On November 8, 2016 a $668.7 million bond was approved by voters to help local schools not only modernize but renovate them as well. Along the list of renovations was to also consolidate schools that no longer can afford to run.

“A bond is a fancy word for a loan.” Said Reveles. School districts are funded by the state.

Since 2006 school budgets have been slashed by one-third and they’ve given the school two options to make up that difference.

According to Reveles a bond “can only be used towards capital improvement,” meaning it can only be used towards construction, busses, or technology.

Reveles then revealed that the state gives no money for maintenance of schools resulting in the creation of a bond and the consolidation of many schools in the district.

Reveles said the problem lies with the schools losing up to 1000 students a year. The problem, wasn’t the students or the teaching, but the county “having too many schools,”and only “250 students in those schools.”

When asked about Superintendent Juan Cabrera and his salary, Reveles said that he came into the district making less than the top 12 schools in the state.

This raised questions about teachers salaries progressing so slow in comparison to the superintendent.

Reveles said that with over 9000 employees teacher raises would come slow, but EPISD is working on it.

The renovation to Coronado will prove to be the largest ever in the EPISD district due to size of the school, location, and because of the over 3000 students attending the campus according to Reveles.

With the old superintendent and those involved with the cheating scandal out of the district, the school can focus on rebooting the system so to say and moving EPISD towards a more progressive system, said Reveles.

With the bond now in place, EPISD is moving towards a new progressive school board and a more high tech district for all of the students in the El Paso Independent School District.

For more information on the EPISD Bond of 2016, you can visit their website at


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