Changing times force Journalists to change their approach to news

With times changing so drastically amongst the journalistic world, it would only make sense that the journalistic approach would change too. Cindy Sanz, editor of People magazine explains why.

On Monday February 5 Cindy Sanz explained just how much more progressive media has become as times and social media has emerged.

It began with the digital era rising up with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The faster news was able to get out, the quicker that journalists had to act to break news and to be the first to break it.

“I’ve covered all areas of my office.” Said Cindy Sanz, editor of People Magazine, “One day I’m on the red carpet talking to Luke Brian, then next day I’m covering a murder of someone’s mother.” She said.

Not all journalists belong to major company though. There are freelance writers who when needed can be hired by a major company to cover a story if the companies own representative can’t get out there.

“It’s all about story telling.” Said Sanz as she described how they try to pitch and find ideas that their readers would enjoy reading or listening to.

Sanz explained what it was like to cover a major event and brought up the twin tower attacks on September 11.

She said the magazine was to debut as the “Summer of the Sharks,” due to the high rate of shark attacks that year.

As the attacks happened she said that they “Scrapped the entire magazine,” to re-write the entire magazine. It released the next day at all airports nationally.

She explains that despite it being the most exhausting day of her life, it was a very rewarding day.

With this, came the topic of deadlines. Since our country lives in a digital competitive world,deadlines have shortened weekly. Sanz said, “We usually get charged for every hour we go over closing time.”

Sanz brought up the topic of celebrity reporting and said that along the lines of covering breaking news, a reporter just has to go with it.

Their lives change so rapidly that if one moment one individual is having a child, the next they could be divorcing.

Journalists are required to write, edit, scrap, and print all this within a strict deadline.

Most journalist in the digital field will break news on their website and will print for the second day content, but the biggest rule that Sanz brought up during her conference was fact checking.

A question was brought up by a student asking how journalist decipher all the false and true news being published by various media outlets. “You just have to go back, re-read and fact check.” She said.

She explained that journalist face the difficulty of finding the real facts and even as far as tracking down a photo not published by their own company to avoid a lawsuit.

An example of fact checking amongst journalism that was spoken about was the Rolling Stones “Rape on Campus” article.

Sanz expressed heavily that journalists must always get each and every fact from every party despite wanting to be the first person to break news to avoid any casualties.

At the end of the day it’s all about, “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Said Sanz. As the market changes so will the journalistic approach.

As technology advances so will the need for media to be there to break news and to help the people of our society better understand what’s going on in
their own world.


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